Separate checks please

I frequently go out to eat with my co-workers.

At the restaurant we all order our meals and after great food and conversation the one check comes listing everyone’s order on a single print out.

My co-workers begin calculating, we all pool our money and pay.

Then later, I get the feeling that I may have paid too much. Because didn’t I get the cheapest thing on the menu but somehow I’m paying the same amount as you? And the entire dining experience is soured for me.

And so I said “NO MORE!!!!”

Now when I am at a restaurant with my co-workers – I order my meal and tell the waiter “separate checks, please”

Some of my co-workers groan and roll their eyes but this is what works for me.


Black women and their hair

Black women can wear their hair in numerous styles.

For example – natural, permed, braided, weave, bald, cornrows, and wigs to name a few.

Currently I wear a straight wig that I am totally in love with.

Wigs to me are a must have, they are easy to care for. I wake up in the morning, finish my routine, I run a brush through my wig, put it on and I am out the door.

So the next time you see a black woman – admire her hair, don’t touch it and just love her for expressing herself.

Why I never cry at work

For months I had a pattern – I was very unhappy and I would cry because of the things going on in my personal life. I would cry at home, in my car, driving to work, and in the parking lot at work.

Then when it was time to begin the work day, I would dry my tears, get out of the car and leave my baggage and pain outside the door. I would walk into the building with a smile on my face and get to work. Once the work day was over, I would walk out of the building and pick up my baggage and pain and continue crying.

The reason I never cry at work is because I will not let anyone see my pain because they would be sympathetic but in the end they would question if I was still competent enough to do my job and that is a question that I do not want attached to my name.

FYI – I am fine now, not crying 🙂