Date review

I went on my first date since my divorce. He answered my ad and we bonded over preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I asked him to plan the date. He picked me up at a neutral location and gave me roses! First time I’ve gotten roses so that was so sweet.


He was nicely dressed and I was underdressed 😦 (he was more business casual and I was casual in jeans, a cute shirt and flip flops). We went to the Greek Taverne in Montclair, NJ. The food was nice, we both had the lamb wrap with chips and two desserts that we shared. The conversation was interesting and he made me laugh. He did pay for the food which was great, there was a moment that he left for the bathroom and once to go smoke outside that had me questioning everything!! LOL.

Afterwards, we went to a shooting range but it turned out the place was closed and it was because someone killed themselves the day before.

My date was super cool and figured out a plan B – we went to Petco looked at cute animals, tried out sofas at a Sears Outlet, kissed in the Walmart parking lot and tried out a bar with a pool table  (only to be told we needed to buy alcohol in order to play so we left).

All in all, great date!



Movie Review: Palm Trees in the Snow

I recently watched Palm Trees In The Snow, directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina. It has subtitles, set in Equatorial Guinea and Spain.

Handsome Kilian falls in love with beautiful nurse Bisila, who is married! There is sexual tension, love and sex all in the backdrop of a country going through the painful process of changing from a colony of Spain to an independent country. The landscape is GORGEOUS!!

At the end of the movie I had some questions (spoiler alert)

1-Why could they not have met again in a different country (not Spain and not Equatorial Guinea) and just been together?

2-Bisila is light skinned when she’s young then when she’s older she’s dark skinned – when did this happen?

3-When she walks into the water, is that suicide? I just want them to be together 😦

All in all, I definitely enjoyed the movie. Let me know your thoughts!


With that one kiss I stopped my nervous chatting, heart pounding, unsure and wanting that kiss to never end.                                                   Soft lips on mine, making me forget everything  No labels just that kiss, wanting to just be in the now, with you.                                                         My body pressed against hers, so similar but different. I want to go back to that moment, our kiss, our perfect kiss. The time before the first time you questioned if I could commit to just you. Not because I did something but because there was that looming possibility that I could leave you for a him or another her. I tried to reassure you that I was here with you at this moment, ready to see where this could go. But with every disagreement you brought it back to that possibility. Didn’t you see that I liked you and just wanted to be with you because you are amazing. I broke up with you and it hurt me to ignore your calls and texts but I know that we fit together but just not a perfect fit. So I let you go because I cared for you and I want you to find your perfect fit. I miss you but I did the right thing.

Good bye sweet her.

Where’d you buy your hair though?

Today I was asked “Where’d you buy your hair?” This was asked in an office setting My male african American coworker, two African American women, a Caucasian woman and myself were present.

There is a black girl code! You first compliment my hair then you take me aside and ask me privately if it is my hair. If it is not my hair then ask for the details of where I got it and how it got it onto my head!

By asking me in front of everyone it felt like she was attacking me and trying to bring me down because obviously I was too big for my britches.

I make it a point to try to say something positive to another woman especially a black woman because I know how cruel this world is to us.

I gave a vague answer with a smile, said my goodbyes, swung my hair and left that situation back there!!

Please be kind to other women, life is hard out in these streets!!!!

Car Service Review: LimoTaxiCar

Taking family to the airport is always a very stressful situation and today it was further complicated by the fact that we needed to get to the JFK Airport and I for one will not drive all that way especially with family in toe.

Yesterday I contacted LimoTaxiCar through their website and gave all the details and within an hour I received a call and I had until 10am the next day to officially confirm.  At 4am this morning I was informed that four more family members would be joining us making the new total to be eight! I called the company at 9:55am this morning and instead of one suv we got an suv and a sedan, yes the price went up but my piece of mind was worth it!

The vehicles were clean and the drivers were excellent! I will definately be using this car service again in the near future! (The pictures of the two vehicles we used are below)

Restaurant review – Falafel-ly Yours

I had an amazing lunch at Falafel-ly Yours, in South Orange, NJ. We were seated in the back room that has couches and these low circular tables.

I ordered a Casablanca sunrise (a smootie of pineapple, banana, mango, spinach, kale, turbinado sugar – it’s the green drink in the picture below), hummas (chickpea puree with lemon with tahini served with pita bread), beef and lamb shawerma (mixture of beef and lamb marinated with Mediterranean spices) that came with rice and grilled vegetables (in the picture it is the one with shredded meat). My sister ordered a diet coke, lamb shish kebab (lamb marinated with garlic, mint and Mediterranean spices) and baba ghonouj (which is roasted eggplant with tahini, lemon juice, garlic, and virgin olive oil).

I enjoyed my meal, it was tasty and filling! The atmosphere was very nice, background music played but I was able to have a conversation and still easedrop on my neighbors conversation  (my guilty pleasure!!) without straining my ears. After ordering, the meal arrived pretty fast and I quickly dug in.

This was my first time eating Middle Eastern cuisine and I will definately visit the Falafel-ly Yours restaurant again and try out different meals on the menu.

If you happen to be there next time I’m there please have an interesting conversation so I can enjoy your conversation and my pleasant meal!


Movie review – The Girl King

I love a good period piece and add to that a strong powerful woman and a queen no less and I’m there!

The Girl King directed by Mika Kaur is making and written by Michel Marc Bouchard. The Girl King is about Queen Christina who was a real queen of Sweden. She refused to get married, wore pants, was very smart and loved women.

I love Queen Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and now I’m loving Queen Christina of Sweden.

Uncle 5.13.2016

Today I learned that you died. After weeks of being haunted by unseen people who you were asking for forgiveness from. And a few years of battling that disease.

At least now you will no longer be able to hurt other little girls.

Today I realized that I no longer hate you. My hate for you slipped away a year ago around the time I began therapy and finally dealt with everything.

I feel nothing for you now but I do not like seeing my mother’s pain as she mourns for her brother and my grandmother’s pain as she mourns for her son.

I will pray for the other little girls, may they find the strength within to deal with this and be happy in their lives.

The hate in my heart is gone and I shall think of you no more

Good bye Uncle.

Sex in your 20s vs sex in your 30s

Sex in your 20s vs sex in your 30s.

Oh yes, there is a difference.

10. Accessibility – in your 20s, the social circles you are in are many thus you have access to a lot of potential sex partners. In your 30s, depending on your job, family, and current friends you may or may not have access to a lot of people.

9. Toys – in my 20s I was less willing to experiment with toys. In my 30s, I’m open to toys, flavored condoms and lube. A girl’s gotta have some fun!

8. Hooking up – in my 20s, I did more relationships than hooking up. In my 30s I now find myself preferring a hook up to a full blown relationship.

7. Frequency of having sex – this one can go either way. In my 20s, there were periods of very frequent sex and other times when I was completely celibate. Same thing in my 30s except I find myself choosing celibacy over sex more often.

6. Sex anywhere – in my 20s I was willing to have sex anywhere and I mean anywhere. In the car, the alley, in the bathroom, in his parents bed, the stairs where ever.                                       In my 30s, I need comfort – which motel? I have to check their rating on Yelp first. Does it have heat? Is there a/c? I prefer a hotel at least 3 stars.

5. Number of old sex partners – in my 20s, I would never answer and if pushed I would always say 4.                                                                 In my 30s, I stick with 6. A nice respectable number; not too whoreish but not too prudish either. But seriously, don’t ask! Be happy that whatever my number is led to you enjoying this moment in time with me.

4. Expectations – in my 20s, I was forgiving, oh your penis is small, that’s okay, let’s still do this.                                                                                 In my 30s, is it cut? It’s not cut? What do you like in bed? Fantasies? I need A, B, C so we can make this happen.

3. Foreplay – in my 20s, limited foreplay was fine, ready to go. In my 30s, text me something hot you will do to me, then lots of kissing, caressing, dirty talk, you gotta lick the kitty and then I’m in the game!

2. My house – in my 20s, I lived with family and couldn’t have sex at home.                                      In my 30s, I could host but I now have a no sex in my place policy – what can I say, I don’t want you cramping my style lol.

1. Condoms – in my 20s I prayed the guy would us a condom and I would uncomfortably request him to use one.                                                            In my 30s, condoms are a must and I expect you to buy them and yes I check the expiration date and make sure it’s really on. That’s how I roll!

What differences do you find?