Pills oh pills…. did I take them today?

I hate taking pills!!!!

Currently, I have several pills (mostly vitamins) I need to take everyday/once a week and at times I find myself questioning whether or not I took the pills.

Today I finally gave in and went to the pharmacy to look for a pill organizer container  with the days of the week written on it so that I can easily keep track of when I took my pills.

As I stood at the pharmacy wondering which container to buy; I began feeling so old. Old people are the ones that get confused and need this! (Sorry old people!) And now here I am.

I decided against the rectangular kind that reminds me of the type my grandmother has and instead I chose a cute purple more circular one.

Once home, I put in my pills and instead of feeling old I felt that I was doing yet another thing to get me one step closer to being healthy!

Sometimes the thing you thing is bad can change based on how you change your own perspective = Lesson learned!

Feeling wonderfully healthy right now!


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