A long, long, not so long time ago, I was a hopeless romantic. This is long before I became the jaded, unromantic person I am today. I wanted to have a date that consisted of a picnic. I had it in my head that a picnic in a nice park would be wonderfully romantic and so the next guy who asked me out, I decided to surprise him with a picnic date. That guy turned out to be L.

L (that’s what we will call him) was a tall, older than me, gorgeous guy with long dreads and he was working on a math related or science related degree. I spent two days going over the foods and drinks we would have and I had the perfect basket to carry it all in (I love baskets!!!!).

The day of the date came, he picked me up and I proudly got in the car with my gorgeous basket of goodies. He asked what was in the basket and I replied that I thought we could have a picnic and so I had chicken sandwiches, cookies (three different types, a girl needs options), chocolate, milk (I have to have milk with my cookies)and sparking cider. Then he dropped the bomb = he doesn’t eat meat, he’s a vegetarian!

Disappointed, embarrassed and totally mortified I put my basket in the back seat and polietly said that we could do whatever he wanted to do instead. But for me, I was over him that second. Two hours later I made my excuses and I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Once home, I threw away my dream picnic spread and never tried a picnic date ever again.                                                                           Unromantic.


4 thoughts on “Picnic

    1. It wasn’t the vegetarian part that was the problem, it was the fact that I made an effort and he could have gone along with it – eat everything but the meat darn it!!!!
      And we did have a few more dates just in case there could have been something (I like to make sure) and on one of those dates I ate vegetarian food for him, forced it down with a smile, lol.


      1. Perhaps, but that’s like expecting someone to drink alcohol even after learning they don’t like consuming alcohol. Also he could have other reasons why he didn’t want to consume the goodies. I’m sure if you didn’t want to do something you would have wanted him to respect you. Besides you could have ate the goodies and enjoyed his conversation.


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