Sex in your 20s vs sex in your 30s

Sex in your 20s vs sex in your 30s.

Oh yes, there is a difference.

10. Accessibility – in your 20s, the social circles you are in are many thus you have access to a lot of potential sex partners. In your 30s, depending on your job, family, and current friends you may or may not have access to a lot of people.

9. Toys – in my 20s I was less willing to experiment with toys. In my 30s, I’m open to toys, flavored condoms and lube. A girl’s gotta have some fun!

8. Hooking up – in my 20s, I did more relationships than hooking up. In my 30s I now find myself preferring a hook up to a full blown relationship.

7. Frequency of having sex – this one can go either way. In my 20s, there were periods of very frequent sex and other times when I was completely celibate. Same thing in my 30s except I find myself choosing celibacy over sex more often.

6. Sex anywhere – in my 20s I was willing to have sex anywhere and I mean anywhere. In the car, the alley, in the bathroom, in his parents bed, the stairs where ever.                                       In my 30s, I need comfort – which motel? I have to check their rating on Yelp first. Does it have heat? Is there a/c? I prefer a hotel at least 3 stars.

5. Number of old sex partners – in my 20s, I would never answer and if pushed I would always say 4.                                                                 In my 30s, I stick with 6. A nice respectable number; not too whoreish but not too prudish either. But seriously, don’t ask! Be happy that whatever my number is led to you enjoying this moment in time with me.

4. Expectations – in my 20s, I was forgiving, oh your penis is small, that’s okay, let’s still do this.                                                                                 In my 30s, is it cut? It’s not cut? What do you like in bed? Fantasies? I need A, B, C so we can make this happen.

3. Foreplay – in my 20s, limited foreplay was fine, ready to go. In my 30s, text me something hot you will do to me, then lots of kissing, caressing, dirty talk, you gotta lick the kitty and then I’m in the game!

2. My house – in my 20s, I lived with family and couldn’t have sex at home.                                      In my 30s, I could host but I now have a no sex in my place policy – what can I say, I don’t want you cramping my style lol.

1. Condoms – in my 20s I prayed the guy would us a condom and I would uncomfortably request him to use one.                                                            In my 30s, condoms are a must and I expect you to buy them and yes I check the expiration date and make sure it’s really on. That’s how I roll!

What differences do you find?


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