Car Service Review: LimoTaxiCar

Taking family to the airport is always a very stressful situation and today it was further complicated by the fact that we needed to get to the JFK Airport and I for one will not drive all that way especially with family in toe.

Yesterday I contacted LimoTaxiCar through their website and gave all the details and within an hour I received a call and I had until 10am the next day to officially confirm.  At 4am this morning I was informed that four more family members would be joining us making the new total to be eight! I called the company at 9:55am this morning and instead of one suv we got an suv and a sedan, yes the price went up but my piece of mind was worth it!

The vehicles were clean and the drivers were excellent! I will definately be using this car service again in the near future! (The pictures of the two vehicles we used are below)


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