Where’d you buy your hair though?

Today I was asked “Where’d you buy your hair?” This was asked in an office setting My male african American coworker, two African American women, a Caucasian woman and myself were present.

There is a black girl code! You first compliment my hair then you take me aside and ask me privately if it is my hair. If it is not my hair then ask for the details of where I got it and how it got it onto my head!

By asking me in front of everyone it felt like she was attacking me and trying to bring me down because obviously I was too big for my britches.

I make it a point to try to say something positive to another woman especially a black woman because I know how cruel this world is to us.

I gave a vague answer with a smile, said my goodbyes, swung my hair and left that situation back there!!

Please be kind to other women, life is hard out in these streets!!!!


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