With that one kiss I stopped my nervous chatting, heart pounding, unsure and wanting that kiss to never end.                                                   Soft lips on mine, making me forget everything  No labels just that kiss, wanting to just be in the now, with you.                                                         My body pressed against hers, so similar but different. I want to go back to that moment, our kiss, our perfect kiss. The time before the first time you questioned if I could commit to just you. Not because I did something but because there was that looming possibility that I could leave you for a him or another her. I tried to reassure you that I was here with you at this moment, ready to see where this could go. But with every disagreement you brought it back to that possibility. Didn’t you see that I liked you and just wanted to be with you because you are amazing. I broke up with you and it hurt me to ignore your calls and texts but I know that we fit together but just not a perfect fit. So I let you go because I cared for you and I want you to find your perfect fit. I miss you but I did the right thing.

Good bye sweet her.


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