Movie Review: Palm Trees in the Snow

I recently watched Palm Trees In The Snow, directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina. It has subtitles, set in Equatorial Guinea and Spain.

Handsome Kilian falls in love with beautiful nurse Bisila, who is married! There is sexual tension, love and sex all in the backdrop of a country going through the painful process of changing from a colony of Spain to an independent country. The landscape is GORGEOUS!!

At the end of the movie I had some questions (spoiler alert)

1-Why could they not have met again in a different country (not Spain and not Equatorial Guinea) and just been together?

2-Bisila is light skinned when she’s young then when she’s older she’s dark skinned – when did this happen?

3-When she walks into the water, is that suicide? I just want them to be together 😦

All in all, I definitely enjoyed the movie. Let me know your thoughts!


16 thoughts on “Movie Review: Palm Trees in the Snow

  1. I just watched this movie and had the same question about Bisila and the water at the end. I was also confused about Bisila’s youngest child. Obviously it was Killian’s child but during the movie when clarence firsts meets Bisila and she’s telling the story, I thought the youngest son asked “Is he my father?” and she said no. Maybe my subtitles were wrong. Also it never explained how Jocobo and Julia ended up having a child together(Clarence). Julia had 2 children with Manuel so whatever happened to him? Maybe some of these things were lost in translation.

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    1. I don’t think that Killian was the Bisila’s youngest child’s father—it was Jacobo or the other two rapist. I didn’t think that Julia and Jacobo had any kids together, Clarence was by another woman, I am assuming.

      But did Bisila kill herself because she received the letter saying that Killian had passed away? Not sure! 🙂


    2. OMG just watched it beautifully sad movie Bisila youngest son was jocobos not killians . After he came back and found out she was raped and her husband got shot she left and came back after a year with the kid so it had to be jocobos.
      Plus I didn’t know the girl was Julia’s and jocobos daughter I must have missed that .


      1. Clarence is not Julia’s daughter, she’s Jacobo and Carmen’s daughter, Julia always pinned for him but never were together. Jacobo is the father of Fernando Laha that’s why when Kilian first sees him he tells Bisila it will be our secret and Kilian never told Jacobo he wanted to raise him as his own.


    3. Kilian is not the father, Jacobo is Fernando’s father this is why he says it will be our secret, Clarence is not Julia’s daughter when she refer’s to her husband she was talking about Manuel he helped Kilian get the money to Basila.


  2. In my opinion, Killian is not the father of Fernando as he once told her it will be a secret between them. I think Jacobo or the other two rapist is the father. At the end the old Bisilavwalked in to the wave, i think its the suicide and she definitely die right there as Killian saw her soul over his daughter’s body. Julia and Jacobo did not end up together. They just keep a very close relation among them.


  3. The scar was a “brand” that matched the picture on the paper Bisila sent to him. Remember Julia gave him the envelope containing it, from Bisila. The envelpoe contained a picture of an emblem/charm that was supposed to protect him.


  4. Also do you think that lady who was a prostitute back in the day, could be the older woman who ran into Clarence? And could that be maybe Killian’s son or Jacobo’s son. That son looked like Fernando


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