Date review

I went on my first date since my divorce. He answered my ad and we bonded over preparing for the zombie apocalypse. I asked him to plan the date. He picked me up at a neutral location and gave me roses! First time I’ve gotten roses so that was so sweet.


He was nicely dressed and I was underdressed 😦 (he was more business casual and I was casual in jeans, a cute shirt and flip flops). We went to the Greek Taverne in Montclair, NJ. The food was nice, we both had the lamb wrap with chips and two desserts that we shared. The conversation was interesting and he made me laugh. He did pay for the food which was great, there was a moment that he left for the bathroom and once to go smoke outside that had me questioning everything!! LOL.

Afterwards, we went to a shooting range but it turned out the place was closed and it was because someone killed themselves the day before.

My date was super cool and figured out a plan B – we went to Petco looked at cute animals, tried out sofas at a Sears Outlet, kissed in the Walmart parking lot and tried out a bar with a pool table  (only to be told we needed to buy alcohol in order to play so we left).

All in all, great date!



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