In the water

In the water I am free and graceful.                         I forget everything, focusing only on that moment as I float and swim.                                     On land I walk as quietly as a herd of elephants stomping through the forest headed for water In the water, I am a shark, speeding towards my prey, silently and quickly.                                      On land I hit myself on objects and trip occasionally.                                                                 In the water, I am graceful like a ballerina, I turn and flip with ease.                                           On land I am heavy and feel gravity’s hand whenever I do jumping jacks or push ups.         In the water, I leap off the diving board like a gazelle leaping happily across the Serengeti.      I slice through the water decisively with only one goal in mind, to reach the bottom as quickly as possible than back up.                         On land, I breathe heavily as I run trying to catch my breath. I am the slowest runner in my group, way behind the pack.                                      I hold my breath for as long as possible forcing my lungs to work more efficiently than usual.   My head breaks through the water and I take a quick gulp of fresh oxygen before once again disappearing into the world of water.                 On land I sit for hours working in front of a computer                                                                       In the water, I tread water in the deep end, occasionally moving my legs and arms but always keeping my head above the water.         Oh how I wish I could be a mermaid, able to stay under water forever.                                                     I need Ursula to grant my wish.                             In the water I am free and graceful.                       In the water is where I want to be.


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