To mistress or not to mistress

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to become a mistress (side chick, the other woman) to this very sexy man in his forties. When we began flirting, I did not know that he was married and after a week I asked and he said he was married. Immediately I told him I would stop flirting with him and he should set me up with one of his single friends. Conveniently, he said that he only has married friends and he asked if I would be interested in being his “friend”. Naively I thought he really meant platonic friendship but in the end I figured out he was offering me a mistress position.

I thought about it…….. and in the end I sent him a nice text saying I enjoyed meeting him and our conversation was wonderful but I’m better alone. Thank you and good bye. Then I proceeded to block his phone numbers on my phone and pray that he does not stop by my house.

Looking back, it was a compliment to be “nominated” but I’m okay. I’ll wait for a guy I can call my own but I’m not looking to marry him just want to date the hell out of him!!!! lol.




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