Shopping for clothes

Today I went clothes shopping with my guy bestie. It was amazing! Men shopping is soooo different from what I do!

Bestie kept like stretching the sleeves of each shirt he was interested in. After seeing him do this a bunch of times I asked him what that was about. He explained that he was checking for the wrinkle factor – if it is too thin = it will wrinkle easier and need ironing which he does not want to do.

He put his arm into the arm of a shirt and decided he did not want it. He never tried on any clothes!!! And he was done with the store within like 20 minutes!!

I learned about the different types of men’s underwear – boxers, boxer briefs, etc. But I will never buy a dude underwear – as Jennifer Lopez says “I ain’t your mama” (one of her songs that am in love with!).

Let me tell you how I shop. First off, I have to be in the mood for trying on clothes, i have to be feeling cute and not feeling bloated.

I walk around the entire store picking out all the outfits I am interested in, in my size and one size bigger. Then I take my huge collection of clothes to the dressing room and try everything on. As I try on each article of clothing I divide them into three piles, which are: 1-love it, will buy it 2-maybe 3-heck no. Some fit better than others and I begin to question everything in life each time something does not fit. Then I scrutinize my maybe pile, deciding what I will actually buy.

Finally I make my way to the register, checking out earrings, purses, shoes and underwear. I check out and leave. Total time there, at least an hour.

Once home, I spend several days searching through websites for more clothes and sometimes I order, sometimes I don’t.

All in all, I enjoyed my guy shopping experience! 😊😊


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