Here, under my third tree

“This is not a drill, evacuate the building” – a woman’s voice says over the loudspeaker. In case you did not believe it the first time, the woman repeats it again – “This is not a drill, evacuate the building”. We get up from our desks and calmly walk to the nearest staircase in an orderly fashion we make our way outside to our designated point of safety.

I walk to the third tree and sit under it, enjoying the breeze that makes me believe that it is cool out here. Under the shade of the third tree, I watch my coworkers conjugate and talk. I watch a fire truck pass by, horn blasting, lights on and it pulls into our parking lot.

I hear the fire bell screaming in the distance from the office building. I watch cars pass by, some slow down to look at us gathered on the lawn while others drive by without a look. An ambulance appears and goes towards the building but I lose sight of it as it disappears from my view. A police car comes then a second one. Two more fire trucks pull in as I silently watch and write from my seat under the third tree.

The American flag dances with the wind ever so graceful. I look up into my tree, noticing the abundance of green leaves and branches all working together to provide me with my shady spot. My back is supported by my tree’s trunk. I sit and watch. I watch and I sit as I write these words.

An impatient driver blows the horn to let the car in front of him know that he has places to go and people to see right now! I hear the murmur of my coworkers talking and once in a while I hear a cheerful laugh. I cannot make out their words from where I sit but I am comforted by the sound. A plane passes somewhere up there and I wonder where they are going, what is their final destination?

Sitting here under the shade of the third tree, I am content and grateful for this unexpected break in the day that has provided me with the opportunity to take this time and write.

I hope that all is well in the building.



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