Review of Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

I just watched the movie Portrait of a Serial Monogamist on Netflix.

First of all, if you are not okay with lesbians, do NOT watch this movie, I repeat, do NOT watch this movie.

The movie is about a woman who lives in Toranto, Canada and she has perfected the way to break up with someone without all the mess . In the movie, we watch as she uses her method on her current girlfriend of five years who lives with her.

I enjoyed the movie and I would definelty recommend it for someone looking for a movie focused on the “breaker” and not the “breakee”. It put things in prospective for me – since I am usually the party that gets broken up with, I now learned a few things and might just be the breaker in the future (and NO that is not what I was supposed to learn from the movie LOL!). ENJOY and let me know your thoughts!


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