I hate you dad but ………….

I grew up never really knowing you. You were that man who always beat me for the smallest infraction. So to me you were that monster I hated.

Now years later, I still don’t know and I still hate you.

The other day my father’s best friend told me that I have so many characteristics just like my father. I wanted to punch him in the face!

How dare you say I’m like that stranger, like that man whom I have hated for so long!

Days later, my dad liked my Facebook page for a web series I am working on and it felt good that he had liked the page and written a nice comment.

I suddenly became angry with myself as I realized that I wanted my dad’s approval.

I hate you dad but it seems I am not above wanting your acceptance

I hate you dad……………… but……………………… nope, still hate you!


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