Working on loving my body

I usually take an aqua class three times a week. During the walk from the women’s locker room to the showers and then the long walk from the showers to the pool, I always cover the lower half of my body with my towel and then once I get by the water I quickly remove my towel and get into the water fast. Today I realized that I am not comfortable with showing my body in a one piece bathing suit. I decided to walk from the locker room to the showers and then into the pool without covering my body.

As I walked past the mirrors, I actually looked at myself. My thighs are thick and rub together, I have a big butt. I looked at the mirror and said “F*** IT!” And I walked showing everything! It was very scary and I was not comfortable but I DID IT!!!!

I plan to walk without my towel at least once a week while heading to the water so that it helps me continue on my journey of learning to love myself.

To everyone out there, just love your body – no matter what you feel is “not perfect” on yourself – just love your body!



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