Happy Divorce Month Anniversary!

Last year, this month, a judge freed me from my marriage shackles. I had finally won my freedom after a long battle.

It was on that day that I began the rest of my life. I began exercising and doing all the things I had always wanted to do.

I am not perfect but I am finally happy and becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin as each day passes.

I have come far and I will continue on my journey.

I hope that if you are unhappy, that you find the strength to change your life. It will be scary and it will suck ……….. for awhile …………. but then you will find your happy so go for it!!!!

Happy Divorce Month Anniversary to me!


The Bastard Executioner

This show has the elements that I enjoy – hot guys, Medieval setting, knights and strong willed women.

The main character is a “simple” man who is a farmer and married to his pregnant wife. They are dirt poor but clearly there is love in their marriage and excitement in the upcoming birth of their child. Then a few things happen and the course of his life changes. (This is me trying very hard not to tell you what happens …… and yes it is super hard…… LOL)

Two other characters that I liked are the Baroness and Annora. The Baroness is a smart woman who tolerates her verbally abusive husband and throughout the season we see how she comes into her own. Annora is a woman who has visions and assists the main character find his way……………. or more like the way she wants him to go…………

I enjoyed this show!

Getting a massage 101

If you are considering getting a massage, I say DO IT!!!! Here are some tips that will make it  a more enjoyable experience since you will know what to expect.

  1. I recommend taking a shower before you go for the massage because …….. well, so you don’t have to worry about the stinky factor.
  2. Arrive early since there are usually a few forms that you need to fill out and you do not want the time you are filling out forms to bleed into your massage time
  3. You can pick a male or female massage therapist – I personally prefer a female therapist and in case you weirdly believe that a female therapist will not provide enough pressure, you are soooooooo wrong!
  4. You disrobe to your comfort level – in the beginning I would leave my underwear on but now at times I am completely naked.
  5. The massage therapist will ask you what areas you are having the most issues with and so they will concentrate on that area more. You still have the option of having them concentrate on no specific part and just massage everything equally.
  6. Your “no-no areas” – your no-no areas are your breasts, vagina and penis areas. The massage therapist does not touch those areas. Depending on you and the therapist, they might massage your butt, in a therapeutic non-sexual manner.
  7. The only parts that will be exposed are the specific part the therapist is working on. So if the therapist is massaging you right leg then only your right leg will be exposed, the rest of your body will be covered under a flat sheet and blanket.
  8. Let the therapist know if the pressure is too hard or too light and they will adjust it. Continue communicating with the therapist throughout the entire massage.
  9. Concentrate on clearing your mind and not worrying about all the things you have going on. This is usually hard for me but it makes the entire experience that much better.
  10. RELAX and enjoy!!!!


The Pledge

In middle school I was tested. I always stood up with my classmates, raised my hand to my heart and remained silent but respectful as they recited the pledge of allegiance. Then one day, my science teacher, Mrs. S angrily called out my name and told me that I would have to say the pledge in front of the whole class after class was over.

I sat down and remained quiet. I watched the clock dreading what was to come next. Inside I was frantically praying for God to open up the earth and swallow me whole. I cried throughout the entire class period, silent tears marched their way down my cheeks. Finally, the hated moment came, Mrs. S motioned for me to stand in front of the class. I slowly stood up and walked to the head of the class with my head down. I stopped in front of her desk and in a whisper I said that I cannot say the pledge, it’s against my religion. Then I remained silent. my body shaking in fear, my shoulders hunched over from the weight of my classmates eyes which I felt trained on me. Precious moments ticked away as I waited for Mrs. S to force me to say the words. I knew that no matter what happened I could not betray my God and so I waited to die.

Then Mrs. S dismissed me and the rest of the class. I slowly walked out of the room, trying to go back to being invisible. From that day and on, I silently hated Mrs. S for humiliating and traumatizing me. For years after that, I also hated science.

Our faith is tested in small ways and sometimes we pass while other times we do not. Hopefully we all, always pass.

High Strung

A beautiful ballerina………… a handsome bad boy violinist ………….

The enemy is a handsome, rich, arrogant violinist.

The underdog is a handsome, poor, arrogant violinist.

Between the two is our beautiful ballerina.

The one part that I enjoyed the most – was a musical fight between the two violinists (it isn’t a physical fight but a fight through music), I never knew that violins could be so masculine and tough………

I enjoyed this movie because it reminded me of my love for Yanni – who made classical music ohhhh so sexy! The other themes of the movie are love, hard work, friendship and bad boys who make you almost forget the goals you are working towards. This is a wonderful music that made me want to dance and blow the dust off of my violin and give my emotions life through music and dance…………….

Let me know your thoughts on the movie.


This movie begins with two best friends about to go on a year long adventure around the world! The plan is to videotape everything and upload it to their site. Off they go!! Pretty soon one of the friends gets sick and refuses to go to the hospital for his own personal reasons. I was totally with him on that! Then they discover that the sick friend has “abilities” so of course you have to test it out……..

I enjoyed this movie and I totally recommend it if you are in the mood for a friendship movie with a sprinkle of darkness. I will warn you now – it is filmed along the vain of the main characters filming what is going on so if you are not into that – stay away.

I thought it was very cool that the two main characters also directed the movie!

Let me  know what you thought of the movie.