High Strung

A beautiful ballerina………… a handsome bad boy violinist ………….

The enemy is a handsome, rich, arrogant violinist.

The underdog is a handsome, poor, arrogant violinist.

Between the two is our beautiful ballerina.

The one part that I enjoyed the most – was a musical fight between the two violinists (it isn’t a physical fight but a fight through music), I never knew that violins could be so masculine and tough………

I enjoyed this movie because it reminded me of my love for Yanni – who made classical music ohhhh so sexy! The other themes of the movie are love, hard work, friendship and bad boys who make you almost forget the goals you are working towards. This is a wonderful music that made me want to dance and blow the dust off of my violin and give my emotions life through music and dance…………….

Let me know your thoughts on the movie.


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