The Pledge

In middle school I was tested. I always stood up with my classmates, raised my hand to my heart and remained silent but respectful as they recited the pledge of allegiance. Then one day, my science teacher, Mrs. S angrily called out my name and told me that I would have to say the pledge in front of the whole class after class was over.

I sat down and remained quiet. I watched the clock dreading what was to come next. Inside I was frantically praying for God to open up the earth and swallow me whole. I cried throughout the entire class period, silent tears marched their way down my cheeks. Finally, the hated moment came, Mrs. S motioned for me to stand in front of the class. I slowly stood up and walked to the head of the class with my head down. I stopped in front of her desk and in a whisper I said that I cannot say the pledge, it’s against my religion. Then I remained silent. my body shaking in fear, my shoulders hunched over from the weight of my classmates eyes which I felt trained on me. Precious moments ticked away as I waited for Mrs. S to force me to say the words. I knew that no matter what happened I could not betray my God and so I waited to die.

Then Mrs. S dismissed me and the rest of the class. I slowly walked out of the room, trying to go back to being invisible. From that day and on, I silently hated Mrs. S for humiliating and traumatizing me. For years after that, I also hated science.

Our faith is tested in small ways and sometimes we pass while other times we do not. Hopefully we all, always pass.


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