Getting a massage 101

If you are considering getting a massage, I say DO IT!!!! Here are some tips that will make it  a more enjoyable experience since you will know what to expect.

  1. I recommend taking a shower before you go for the massage because …….. well, so you don’t have to worry about the stinky factor.
  2. Arrive early since there are usually a few forms that you need to fill out and you do not want the time you are filling out forms to bleed into your massage time
  3. You can pick a male or female massage therapist – I personally prefer a female therapist and in case you weirdly believe that a female therapist will not provide enough pressure, you are soooooooo wrong!
  4. You disrobe to your comfort level – in the beginning I would leave my underwear on but now at times I am completely naked.
  5. The massage therapist will ask you what areas you are having the most issues with and so they will concentrate on that area more. You still have the option of having them concentrate on no specific part and just massage everything equally.
  6. Your “no-no areas” – your no-no areas are your breasts, vagina and penis areas. The massage therapist does not touch those areas. Depending on you and the therapist, they might massage your butt, in a therapeutic non-sexual manner.
  7. The only parts that will be exposed are the specific part the therapist is working on. So if the therapist is massaging you right leg then only your right leg will be exposed, the rest of your body will be covered under a flat sheet and blanket.
  8. Let the therapist know if the pressure is too hard or too light and they will adjust it. Continue communicating with the therapist throughout the entire massage.
  9. Concentrate on clearing your mind and not worrying about all the things you have going on. This is usually hard for me but it makes the entire experience that much better.
  10. RELAX and enjoy!!!!



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