The Bastard Executioner

This show has the elements that I enjoy – hot guys, Medieval setting, knights and strong willed women.

The main character is a “simple” man who is a farmer and married to his pregnant wife. They are dirt poor but clearly there is love in their marriage and excitement in the upcoming birth of their child. Then a few things happen and the course of his life changes. (This is me trying very hard not to tell you what happens …… and yes it is super hard…… LOL)

Two other characters that I liked are the Baroness and Annora. The Baroness is a smart woman who tolerates her verbally abusive husband and throughout the season we see how she comes into her own. Annora is a woman who has visions and assists the main character find his way……………. or more like the way she wants him to go…………

I enjoyed this show!


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