Dating Adonis

While driving to work a few days ago I started thinking about the time I dated
a bodybuilder type guy, I’ll call him Adonis. His body was amazing! He was
pure muscle, every inch of him was hard and yes I knew that because I ran
my hands all over his body on multiple occasions! LOL……………. He looked
like he could give the men in the bodybuilding competitions a run for their
I could not get over the fact that he was able to carry me so easily! I got
piggyback rides and he would carry me right back to bed like a million times
without complaint or much effort. It was wonderful to not have to worry
about if I was hurting the guy I was with because I’m much heavier than he
is. I was in heaven!!!!………………. Then came the rules and regulations to
being with Adonis. I had to be submissive to him in and out of the bedroom. I
had to get permission to do things I did on a regular basis and if he said no
than I could not do whatever it was. For example, if I wanted to go shopping
for myself with my own money, I had to ask permission and if he said
yes then I could go shopping. I tried to see if we could compromise maybe
just be submissive in bed only but according to Adonis it was not up for
negotiations and that was the only way we would be together. After taking a
day to think about the fabulous sex with him and being carried like I weighed
nothing ……………… I had to let him go. I do not regret my decision but once
in a while, I  find myself thinking about Adonis’ amazing body and I smile.
I am okay being with myself until I find the person who is just right with me.
Yes there is a really big chance that I never find that person at which point I will
continue enjoying being by myself!

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