Bachelor Number 2 Vs Bachelor 3

Bachelor number 2 did not understand why I said no to his invitation to go “hang out” at his house. He had a day off and he wanted me to take the day off work and hang out with him. So I had done the meet and greet that he wanted and I was very straightforward in letting him know that dating me means actually taking me on dates that involve actual activities. Anyway, he failed and I moved on.

Along came Bachelor number 3. He was very muscular and totally sweet to me. We talked on the phone a bit and had a date set for the weekend. Before the weekend, we had the weirdest argument. He had asked if I masturbate or not and what I do. I stupidly answered, I said I masturbate mostly in the mornings and I use a vibrator on my clit and that gets me there! Whatever happened, he wanted to hear me masturbate over the phone so said that masturbating is “me time” and I don’t share it with someone else. He got mad and started saying that if I was his woman how could I be denying him sex and he would have to beg for it all the time. It got weird really quick. Then he said that I am not like all the other girls he has been with and why am I different. So I was done at that point since this was the tenth time that I had to hear how I was different from all the other girls he has been with and I told him he should go be with all those other girls. And to enjoy his jumping to conclusions by himself! Anyway, he said he was done with me and hung up. I looked at the phone, then continued washing my dishes. Yes I was washing dishes at the time and I went on with my life. I was a little sad that it ended way before it started because I know I would make an awesome girlfriend but I will not settle! And I am fine being single if Mr. Awesome boyfriend never shows up.

Several days later Bachelor number 3 sent me a text saying that he missed me. I looked at the text, shook my head and deleted it. You only get one shot with this woman so as Beyonce (one of my favorites, in the song “Sorry”) sang – “I put my dueces up!” and blocked his number; BYE bachelor number 3!