Yup, I still don’t want kids!

My mother and aunt ended up going to Kenya to take my grandmother’s body back home to have her rest in her plot of land next to my grandfather’s grave.

And I volunteered to take care of my aunt’s two kids (my nephews). The original deal was that my sister and I would take turns sleeping at their house at night for the three weeks that my aunt was away. Then my aunt added that we need to take them to church on Sundays, okay fine. Then she added that we need to attend two concerts one of my nephews is in and film them. Wow, this is eating into my me time!

Then my nephew added that he needs a rides to basketball practice. Oh there are two doctors’ appointments we need to take them to. The list started to grow and grow and all I could think about was the none Me time I was going to have!!

I am not the surrogate parent so I should not be expected to take care of them to the level that their mother would take care of them! Think more babysitter instead.

I am not getting paid, I have to spend my money on things they need, I have to sleep on their so very uncomfortable sofa and I don’t get keys to the house!

As the list of mandatory activities increased I realized two things: 1- yup, I still do not want kids! And 2-I don’t know how parents do it! I’m tired over worrying over these kids and I just want my wonderful life back!! One week down; two weeks left to go.



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