Review of “Logan”

I recently watched the movie “Logan”.

I am a big fan of X-men and so I’m already in!

Logan aka Wolverine has always been a reluctant hero, and definitely  a hot bad boy. But there is always this protective side of Logan that we get glimpses of and I find that to be super hot! Do not read below before watching the movie – spoilers!!

The movie takes place years after the X-men have died (I guess?). It was sad to watch Logan as an older man with a limp and less powerful than he used to be. Professor X is a mess and there have been no new mutants for years.

This movie is a little rape-y. There is a little girl that Logan meets and must reluctantly protect who has his powers………… as in his daughter?  But basically his genetic material created babies who are to be used as weapons. That is the rape-y part for me since without his permission someone made children from him.

Most movies I’ve watched that focus on man making a person through science – I’m talking about clones, robots that are more human than robots and the first thing that happens is they are treated as not human and as property. I always ask why? It doesn’t matter how the human came to be, the point is that it is here – it thinks and breaths and so it deserves the same rights and protections as any human. And should be taught right from wrong, shown kindness and given a real chance to come into his/her own. Well, that was my tangent.

Back to the review – I liked the movie but hated seeing Logan so beaten and the ending was not as happy as I would have loved but that is because I always love a movie with a really happy ending.

Let me know what you thought of the movie when you watch it. 🙂



The Bastard Executioner

This show has the elements that I enjoy – hot guys, Medieval setting, knights and strong willed women.

The main character is a “simple” man who is a farmer and married to his pregnant wife. They are dirt poor but clearly there is love in their marriage and excitement in the upcoming birth of their child. Then a few things happen and the course of his life changes. (This is me trying very hard not to tell you what happens …… and yes it is super hard…… LOL)

Two other characters that I liked are the Baroness and Annora. The Baroness is a smart woman who tolerates her verbally abusive husband and throughout the season we see how she comes into her own. Annora is a woman who has visions and assists the main character find his way……………. or more like the way she wants him to go…………

I enjoyed this show!

High Strung

A beautiful ballerina………… a handsome bad boy violinist ………….

The enemy is a handsome, rich, arrogant violinist.

The underdog is a handsome, poor, arrogant violinist.

Between the two is our beautiful ballerina.

The one part that I enjoyed the most – was a musical fight between the two violinists (it isn’t a physical fight but a fight through music), I never knew that violins could be so masculine and tough………

I enjoyed this movie because it reminded me of my love for Yanni – who made classical music ohhhh so sexy! The other themes of the movie are love, hard work, friendship and bad boys who make you almost forget the goals you are working towards. This is a wonderful music that made me want to dance and blow the dust off of my violin and give my emotions life through music and dance…………….

Let me know your thoughts on the movie.


This movie begins with two best friends about to go on a year long adventure around the world! The plan is to videotape everything and upload it to their site. Off they go!! Pretty soon one of the friends gets sick and refuses to go to the hospital for his own personal reasons. I was totally with him on that! Then they discover that the sick friend has “abilities” so of course you have to test it out……..

I enjoyed this movie and I totally recommend it if you are in the mood for a friendship movie with a sprinkle of darkness. I will warn you now – it is filmed along the vain of the main characters filming what is going on so if you are not into that – stay away.

I thought it was very cool that the two main characters also directed the movie!

Let me  know what you thought of the movie.


Review of Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

I just watched the movie Portrait of a Serial Monogamist on Netflix.

First of all, if you are not okay with lesbians, do NOT watch this movie, I repeat, do NOT watch this movie.

The movie is about a woman who lives in Toranto, Canada and she has perfected the way to break up with someone without all the mess . In the movie, we watch as she uses her method on her current girlfriend of five years who lives with her.

I enjoyed the movie and I would definelty recommend it for someone looking for a movie focused on the “breaker” and not the “breakee”. It put things in prospective for me – since I am usually the party that gets broken up with, I now learned a few things and might just be the breaker in the future (and NO that is not what I was supposed to learn from the movie LOL!). ENJOY and let me know your thoughts!

Movie Review: Palm Trees in the Snow

I recently watched Palm Trees In The Snow, directed by Fernando Gonzalez Molina. It has subtitles, set in Equatorial Guinea and Spain.

Handsome Kilian falls in love with beautiful nurse Bisila, who is married! There is sexual tension, love and sex all in the backdrop of a country going through the painful process of changing from a colony of Spain to an independent country. The landscape is GORGEOUS!!

At the end of the movie I had some questions (spoiler alert)

1-Why could they not have met again in a different country (not Spain and not Equatorial Guinea) and just been together?

2-Bisila is light skinned when she’s young then when she’s older she’s dark skinned – when did this happen?

3-When she walks into the water, is that suicide? I just want them to be together 😦

All in all, I definitely enjoyed the movie. Let me know your thoughts!

Movie review – The Girl King

I love a good period piece and add to that a strong powerful woman and a queen no less and I’m there!

The Girl King directed by Mika Kaur is making and written by Michel Marc Bouchard. The Girl King is about Queen Christina who was a real queen of Sweden. She refused to get married, wore pants, was very smart and loved women.

I love Queen Elizabeth the Virgin Queen and now I’m loving Queen Christina of Sweden.

Movie Review – The Skinny

Five friends reunite in NYC during a Gay Pride weekend – there are four guys who are gay and one woman who is a lesbian. All I can say is HOT!!!! Everybody was hot! And there were hot, fog up my eyeglasses scenes that had me wanting to reach for anybody to take the edge off!

I enjoyed this movie and it wasn’t all fun and games, there were deeper things that happened and were handled very well. (This is me trying my best not to give anything away and spoil the movie)

Watch the movie and I would love to hear your thoughts on it! I watched it on Netflix.

The Skinny – directed Patrik-Ian Polk and there were a few actors I definitely recognize from other shows.