Gym bag essentials

Gym bag essentials.

I workout during my lunch hour while at work, twice a week now. I pack a gym bag, change, workout, shower and go back to work. I always seem to leave something out and so I decided to make a checklist because I refuse to leave something next week and going forward!

Here’s my list:

  • Gym bag
  • hairbrush
  • haircap
  • hair tie
  • towel
  • slippers for the shower
  • sneakers
  • shirt
  • pants
  • underwear
  • socks
  • sports bra
  • bottled water
  • snack
  • deodarant
  • paper towel
  • hydrogen peroxide – yes I’m a wierdo who wipes her armpits with hydrogen peroxide, before drying and applying deodarant
  • ibuprofen
  • keys
  • lotion/vaseline
  • cellphone
  • headphones
  • watch

Let me know what you pack in your gym bag